Woke Up in a Strange Place - Eric Arvin This is not a review, just a few words on how I feel about this story.

For me it is quite simply - a piece of awesomeness from a master story teller. I had finished Eric Arvin's Subsurdity and decided to go straight into this one based on an ongoing and insistent recommendation from a friend. I did not read the blurb prior to starting this book and I am so pleased I didn't. It was totally unexpected and different to anything I have ever read before. This is a journey filled with incredible characters crossing paths in a world that has really given me cause to reflect on my own life. Not so much a traditional style "romance" but a reflection on the life of one man and the path he traveled to find his soul-mate. The descriptive prose I found nothing short of amazing. At times I could really imagine being a part of this "strange" world. As an aspiring writer there are times when I read something and wonder why the hell do I even bother. This is one of them.

I love, love, loved this unforgettable tale. Thanks Mr. Arvin for sharing this story.