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Zane's Redemption - Tina Folsom Congratulations Tina! You have done it again! An amazing read that has shifted my heart from Amaury to Zane (no mean feat, I tell you!). Thank you for gifting us with this wonderfully insightful, tender and amazing instalment in the Scanguards series. We knew we would love him in Yvette's story but you have delivered a beautifully touching character that has won our hearts. A wonderful addition to the Scanguard Vampire Series ♥
Expectations (Expectations, #1) - Liz Borino "Expectations" is the first instalment in talented new writer Liz Borino's family saga of the Taylor twins. Without going too heavily into the plot, Chris and Matt Taylor stand to receive a very significant trust fund if they meet the stipulations set out by their powerful, and extremely unloving, father. The characters and plot are developed at a good pace, and even though this story is written with the point of view changing at a frequent and rapid rate, I settled into the storyline very quickly and was reluctant to have to put it down!

One of the twins, Chris, and his partner Aiden, share a relationship of deep love, understanding and passion. Borino does a wonderful job in presenting this without the over use of descriptive erotica in their intimate scenes, which can often be the case with m/m romances. The other twin, Matt tore at my heart strings to the point where I found myself immersed in the need to help him overcome his life struggles and find happiness with Carley. The villain in this story, the father of Chris and Matt is a monster. There is no other word to describe him.

Borino does not hold back in putting the main characters through hell and demonstrating that life is not always a bed of roses. It is a captivating story from a great new writer! I have now become entrenched in the lives of these characters and as an avid reader, I am left wanting more. Thanks Liz Borino for a wonderful story! Now onto Book No: 2 - "What Money Can't Buy"......
What Money Can't Buy (Expectations, #2) - Liz Borino In this, the follow on to "Expectations", Liz Borino continues the saga that is the lives of twins, Chris and Matt Taylor, and Chris's husband Aiden.

Once again, this talented writer has created a storyline which is packed with emotion, raw honesty and heartache. All our favourite main and secondary characters return and are immediately thrown into the unpredictability of life and the circumstances which are thrown at them. This story contains everything from birth to death and laughter to extreme sorrow.

This is not a typical romance and I thank you for this Liz Borino! There is plenty of conflict, passion and humour as the life situations which this family are dealt indeed prove that no amount of money can buy love. As with "Expectations" I found this to be a great read and am left wanting more. Really looking forward to book no: 3 so please do not leave us waiting too long Ms. Borino!

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